Having always been interested in the arts and creating things of beauty it wasn't until 2002 that I began to seriously develop my photography and have barely put my camera down since.

I have my tutor, Rebecca Phillipson, to thank for my passion for food photography.  I was pretty convinced at the time that my future lay in black and white images, particularly action shots of children.  Rebecca encouraged me to explore colour and to complete a project focussing on still life to broaden my scope. I chose food - fresh, raw and colourful, using only natural light and nothing inedible to enhance it.  And I've never looked back. So thank you Rebecca.

In May I  completed my first commission to illustrate a book and am enormously proud to have completed it. I have to congratulate and  thank Kim Foster too.  We have wanted to collaborate on a project for some time and this was it.

Only a small sample of my work is featured here, so if what you see inspires you but you would prefer a different size, subject or format, please feel free to get in touch via the Contact Page.



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